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Slot Machine Secret Online

Behind the familiar Bonus138 slot machines are hidden secrets that few people would ask. Are there people who make a living playing slot? Is there a virtual reel going round and round behind the screen as you press the spin button?

Let us satisfy your curiosity by providing several interesting slot machine secrets.


For the second theory, it was said that the Mills Novelty Company was responsible for the BAR symbol. They created a mechanical fruit slot based on the one made by the Industry Novelty Company, which was the first fruit mechanical slot. Mills Novelty Company used the same symbols and included new ones such as the BAR symbols. A photo of a Mills Novelty Company mechanical slot, which has the aforementioned BAR symbol, backed this theory.

There is a reason why the second theory is just a hypothesis, there were no sticks of gum or gum bars sold during that time. Experts gave an explanation where the slot is promoting a new form of candy. However, there is no recorded evidence to consider the claim is true.

Professional gamblers are quite common since they found a way to get the edge against the house and other players. You will often see professional poker or blackjack players since these games provide participants with more control. On the other hand, you will rarely hear about a professional “slot” player.

Slots do not provide players with enough options to boost a player’s edge, allowing anyone to make a living out of playing these games. While there are high RTP slots that offer higher returns for your bets, the chances of increasing or doubling your initial bankroll are the same as playing mid or low RTP slots. Despite the odds, there are professional slot players that found a way to make a living by playing these games such as providing in-depth advice to players.

slot bar symbols (icon)
You often see the BAR symbol across numerous slot machines or online slot games. These are not even restricted to only classic themed slots. BAR symbols make their way to any slots that have a casino or Las Vegas theme. Various patrons likely have wondered about the symbol and what it represents, which is gum. Slot machine BAR symbols are a rectangular pack of gum or a company logo.

To know more about the iconic slot symbol, we need to talk about the prohibition of the US that targets any form of gambling in the early 1900s. Stores were able to make a profit out of slot machines by making them reward players with sticks of gums. This is why most vintage slots have cherries and lemons since they are the most common flavors during this time.

There are two running theories on the origins of the BAR symbol. This includes the Bell-Fruit Gum Company owning the symbol. Their logo is their namesake, Bell-Fruit-Gum, with a white font set on a black bar. You can see how their logo is a good match with the familiar BAR logo.

Earnest Cobb, also known as the Slots Guru, states that he made a fortune of more than $10 million by using a slot machine system. This system is covered in his book, Secrets to Hitting More Jackpots Getting the Winning Edge. Those who read the book have different opinions regarding its content where critics see it as providing generic advice on being successful in life. Others commend Cobb for his advice on getting an edge over slot machines.

Another popular columnist who is making a living in playing slots full time is John Grochowski. He got his start in gambling literature as the first casino gambling columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times. Grochowski launched a series of books starting with Gaming: Cruising the Casino with a Syndicated Gambling Columnist in 1996.

What makes John Grochowski standout is his sound advice on playing slots. Apart from books, you can find his advice for slots in online videos and casino articles. Grochowski’s knowledge of casinos made him the 9th ranked gambling expert on a casino website in 2017.

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