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Poker 101: Learn The Basics Of Poker

Poker is a card game known for its combination of strategy and skill. Apart from that, poker also involves betting. Because of this, the popularity of poker is increasing year by year. There are many versions of poker and the game is played in casinos as well as at home. With the advent of technology, poker is now played virtually as well.

Here are the basics you need to know if you want to play poker.

What is the standard package?

The standard poker deck is 52 cards. This relies on adding two jokers. Traditionally, poker is a one-puck game, but many games today use two pucks of contrasting colors. This is to speed up the game.

How much is the card worth?

Regardless of the different types of poker games, you should know at least five basic card values. The five card values ​​include Five of a Kind, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House and Flush. Five of a Kind is the highest hand or card value. A straight flush is identical suits arranged in numerical order. Four of a kind refers to four cards of the same suit, the other being the kicker. A full house refers to his three cards of the same rank and his two cards that match but have different ranks. Finally, Flush points to his five cards of the same suit.

What about betting?

It was said some time ago that poker is also a game of betting. The goal here is to minimize losses. Minimizing losses means having good hands. Before the cards are dealt, the player must place a bet representing the initial contribution. A round begins when a player makes a bet and the player to the left must call (put the same chips in the pot), raise (add more chips to the pot) or drop (no chips in the pot) increase. pot).

When do you bet?

The key to winning or minimizing losses is knowing when to bet. Players may plan to bluff, but if they believe they have the best hand, they should bet.

What is a kitten?

Kitty indicates that all parties have agreed to establish a special fund. Kitty usually receives a small tip from the pot. Kitties are for all players and can be used to pay for food, drinks and even new decks.

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