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Knowing how to win a lot of money with online slots or even physical slot machines is not an easy task. After all, slots are known to be a game where skills cannot be applied as results are random. However, there are still ways and techniques you can take on to at least increase your chances of winning big on slots. Bonus138

Curious to know how to win a lot of money with online slots? There are very few secrets to how casinos operate. It’s important to get a good grasp on these and what casinos don’t want you to know about slot games.

One of the first things you should understand is that not all slots are the same. Slots are made by various software providers who have their way of designing and creating their titles. If you are serious about wanting to make it big throughout slots, one of the first things you need to do is pick the right kind of slot. Among other things, this includes choosing games with a specific risk-to-reward rate.

Here are the things you should know.

Low-Variance Slots for Wagering Requirements

As mentioned, low variance or low volatility slots are slot games that offer better odds but with smaller rewards. This type of online slot is the best to play if you are trying to beat wagering requirements in bonuses you received.

For most bonuses, online casinos such as BetMGM slots require you to play with the free spins/bets you received (plus anything you win in between) before you can cash out any amount that would be left. This is often the challenge for players, but not if you play on low volatility slots.

These slots, with their low rewards, often have low bet amounts needed. Thus, you stretch the amount you have to more bets. After all, the important thing is the number of times you place a wager and not the amount you play with each one.

RTP Is The “ROI”

Generally speaking, the best slots to win money from are those with the highest Return to Player rate or the RTP. Although these games also work at random, and there is still also no way to ensure winning, these games at least have better odds compared to those with lower RTP.

Slot RTP is the percentage of money wagered that the game gives back to players. Do understand, however, that this does not mean a return on an individual player but for all bets. Thus, an RTP of 97% means the slot game would give back 97% of all bets at any point in the game – of course; everyone wants to be the one to enjoy this “return.”

Variance Is The “How”

The next thing to understand is the volatility of an online slot or a slot machine, which is also sometimes called the variance. In other terms, this can be referred to as the risk level of the slot. There are three types of slot variance:

low variance,
medium variance, and
high variance.

High variance slots refer to games with tougher odds of winning but better rewards, while low volatility games refer to better odds but less generous rewards. High volatility slots require more bankroll to pay off, while low volatility slots play more on the “safer” side as it tends to give out rewards for fewer times played.

Be Familiar with Specific Online Slots

The thing about online slots is unlike slot machines in physical, real casinos; you can generally test “free” versions of these slots before playing slots for real money.

This is to increase the familiarity with how specific online slots work. Aside from the big jackpot, most slot games offer in-game bonuses, which can still contribute to the overall ROI of the game. Playing free online slots demo is an underrated slot strategy that can slightly increase your odds of a major payout.

Maxing Out Your Online Slot Bet

Several online slot games have a higher chance of giving out the big jackpot when a player is playing with a consistent max bet. A max bet refers to the maximum amount a player can bet on a spin. For most online slots, a max bet can be easily set with one click of a button.

The advantage of always going for the max bet on online slots is that progressive jackpots can only be won, for some games, with a max bet spin. Also, some games offer free spins and bonuses when a player is betting on a max bet.

However, this is only a feasible option for people with a bigger bankroll to spare, as every play requires a larger amount of money. If you want to walk home with a fortune, maxing out your bet on progressive or fixed jackpot online slots is one way to achieve this.



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